We dream up art to piece together the memory of the past with the hope of the future.

With reckless abandon & unabashed wanderlust we roam the earth listening for the call of ideas and energy, formulated into gifts of Art that beckons our spirit to it's creative reunion, in one undefined space we call Sudhana.

Seller & Buyer of Rare and Ravishing Pieces of Art from all over the Globe


Ceremonial Arts & Antiquities​

Authentic Relics & Curios

Fetish & Spiritual Artifacts


Internationally Procured Power Pieces

Personal Collections & Curation

Travelling Exhibits

Intuitive Installations

Tasteful Art Reproductions

Hand Crafted Energy Artistry

Tribal Decor & Indigenous Design


Ancient & Contemporary:

Paintings & Illustration

Sculpture & Carvings

Pottery & Earthenware

Masks & Fetishes

Textiles & Jewelry

Numismatics, Old World Currencies & Maps

Instruments, Vintage Vinyl Albums & Books

Handcrafted Furniture, Hardware & Fixtures

Reclaimed Architectural Elements from Estates, Spiritual & Historical Locations (temples, landmarks)​


Specializing in Yoruba Sacred Arts & Collectibles


Available for Consultation, Genre Expertise, Interior Decor & Design