Hand Carved Antiquity from Yoruba Land - IGBA ODU


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In Yoruba Cosmology, the Igba Odu/Calabash of Existence is the sacred container from which all life emerges, seen and unseen. Primal and shrouded in mystery, this piece of art represents the very laws of nature still operating today. Symbolically sky (the top) is covering earth (the base). Egg-like in shape, teeming with wisdom & vitality, the calabash is also symbolic of the female womb and female deity Odu. Out of her is spoken the sacred truths and codices of Ifa (now recorded as the literary corpus of Ifa) that has laid foundation to the guiding body of entire nations of people as well as the modern day computer processor.

This is a rare and exquisite piece with classic Yoruba motif. The base depicts a Babalawo (father of the secrets/priest of Ifa tradition) holding his Opa'Osun (Staff of Office). The top piece depicts a woman making an offering to a chief on horse.

~Exact age unknown, however this piece has been dated around 80-90 years old.

~Retrieved from priesthood in Osogbo, Osun State, Nigeria.

~Approx. 18" tall, 10" wide, 10" deep